From Quotation, To Use


Contact to us
Please feel free to contact us about your desired usage by phone. Our staff members may give you information about function, services and usage of our facilities.


Information of time schedule
We make a proposal of time schedule and venue based on your requests.


Tentative reservation
Tentative reservation period is two weeks.Please decide whether to use in the meantime.


We submit a quotation and layout based on the contents we heard of from you.


Formal reservation application
Please submit a prescribed “formal reservation application sheet” upon filling in required information in order to apply for a formal reservation.Please note that application of formal reservation by phone is unavailable.


Application sheet acceptance (copy)
After we receive the application sheet, we send you a bill of room charge. Please note that cancellation after the issuance date of “application sheet (copy)” shall be subject to cancel charge.


Total amount of the room charge shall be paid. Please transfer the room charge to the designated bank account by 10 days prior to the date you use our facilities.


STEP.8 Usage of our facilities
We negotiate with you about layout, equipment to be used and contents of each service. Please feel free to consult with us as various arrangements are also available.


Hold events
The day of use, you hold your events.


We charge the total amount of fees (excluding room charge) for services you received based on a settlement note. Please transfer the total amount to the designated bank account by the end of the next month after the day you finished to use the facilities.

How to Contact Us

Contact us by Phone or Fax

Weekday 10:00〜17:00
24 hours

Confirmation Prior to Application

Application procedure

  • Please note that application by phone, fax is unavailable.
  • Formal reservation is established by “formal reservation application sheet”. Please submit the formal reservation sheet upon filling in required information.
  • Formal reservation becomes valid upon returning of the “application sheet (copy)”.
  • Address : Kashiwa-no-ha Conference Center 148-2, Kashiwa-no-ha Campus 178-4 Wakashiba, Kashiwa-city, Chiba, 227-0871

Payment of room charge

  • After the establishment of formal reservation, please transfer the room charge to the designated bank account by 10 days prior to the date of usage.

( If payment of the room charge is not confirmed by the predetermined date, the reservation shall be terminated by deeming it as a cancellation. )
( Actual cost (excluding room charge) will be payment by the end of the next month after the day you finished to use the facilities. )

Cancellation fee rule

  • Please submit a predetermined “cancellation application sheet” in case of cancellation of application after the date of “application sheet (copy)” issuance.
  • Please note that cancellation fee shall be charged as shown below calculating based on the date of usage.
60 days before or earlier
30% of room charge
59 to 10 days before
50% of room charge
9 days before or less
100% of room charge


Customers of the available desired content, please feel free to contact us by phone.

Weekday 10:00〜17:00

Kashiwa-no-ha Smart City

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