Conference Room

From small meetings to workshop, we will cater to your needs with complete facilities.

Kashiwa-no-ha Conference Center Venue Layout

Facilities in the hall

Entrance filled with green on the first floor

You are warmly greeted by a wall with a blanket of extravagant greens at the entrance.

Venue guidance is on the monitor at the entrance

Guidance can be provided smoothly to the guest by the venue guidance on the monitor at the entrance on the 1st floor.

A calming atmosphere with wood decor

The warm wood patterned interior will make visiting guests feel comfortable.

Open foyer

You can use the area freely, including as a light meal restaurant, a reception desk, a cloakroom, or for panel exhibits, etc.

Waiting Room

For the host’s greenroom, a waiting room is available.

Rest room

Large space is kept for lavatories in order not to make customers have a feeling of oppression.

Smoking room

Smoking room is equipped for guests who smoke.

Freight elevator

Easy loading in/out with freight elevator dedicated to the conference center.

Room Facilities

Audio Visual equipment for various production uses

Speakers can be controlled with a central operating table. Embellish your presentation with image and sound effects.

Microphone sound system appropriate for conferences

With the IR repeater device installed on the ceiling, frequently moving microphone around is effortless.

Hanging devices

With automated ascend and descend function and a hanging baton that has a maximum weight load of 135kg, a production with a large hanging object is possible

High-intensity projector

A projector from 6,000 to 10,600 lumen is available not only for presentation but also for satellite projection to other venue.


Customers of the available desired content, please feel free to contact us by phone.

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