Q: I would like to look the venue over beforehand.

Please feel free to contact our facilities. (Advanced reservation is required in principle.)

Q: I would like to know about the fees.

We make proposals based on an approximate estimate according to the content of event. Please feel free to consult with us.

Q: What are included in the room charge?

The room charge includes furniture and fixtures such as chairs, desks and podium as well as initial layout setting. Equipment including a projector is available based on additional charge.

Q: How can I make a reservation?

Please notify us of your desired time schedule and venue by phone, fax. Tentative reservation is accepted based on our notification of a time schedule to you after confirming availability of the venue. (Refer to the flow of usage in detail.)

Q: How long does it take to get to the venue from the nearest station?

It takes about two minutes from the nearest Kashiwanoha Campus station.

Q: Is it allowed to eat or drink in the venue?

Yes, it is. Further, we serve drinks and make arrangements of catering and lunch boxes as well at our facilities.

Q: Is it allowed for us to bring in drinks?

We are sorry but we ask customers to refrain from bringing drinks in.

Q: Is smoking allowed in the facilities?

A smoking space specifically for the facilities is equipped on the floor.

Q: Is the venue available around the clock?

Operating hours run from 9 to 21 basically. Please consult with our staff of the facilities if you hope to use the venue before 9 or after 21 o’clock.

Q: Is it available to hold a banquet?

We make proposals of various banquets in either ordinary buffet style or seated buffet style. As we comply with your budget and desire, please feel free to consult with us.

Q: Is it possible to ask you to dispose waste?

We accept disposal of only general waste for a price.

Q: Is internet available within the venue?

Wireless LAN based on optical line/free-access is available. We also offer specific temporary line according to the content of events.

Q: Is there any accommodation facility available?

“Mitsui Garden Hotel Kashiwanoha” has been in operation within the same building.

Q: Are there eating establishments nearby?

Restaurants / food court are adjacent to us including in the hotel and residence building.

Q: Is there a parking lot?

A shared parking lot in Kashiwanoha Gate Square is available (24-hour in operation). In addition, a parking lot of adjacent LaLaport Kashiwanoha is also available (open from 9 to 22).

Q: Is it acceptable to pay in cash or by credit card?

We are sorry, but we ask customers to make payments only by bank transfer.

Q: I would like to ask you to consult us on layout and arrangement.

An exclusive coordinator will support each single customer. Please feel free to consult on anything including layout and various arrangements.

Q: Could you receive our luggage beforehand and ship them out after the usage of your facility?

Our staff of the facilities may receive such luggage beforehand as long as it is sent by door-to-door service designating to arrive on the day before the usage. (As we may not be able to accept your request in some cases depending on the situation of reservations and the volume of luggage, please confirm it by contacting the staff of the facilities.) As we provide you with COD form of Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. after finishing the usage, please pack up the luggage on your own and turn it to the staff of the facilities with the form filled in necessary items. We accept your luggage on a condition to ship on the next day in principle.


Customers of the available desired content, please feel free to contact us by phone.

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